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Spotlight Athlete of the Month | NANCY DONAHUE

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Nancy is just a few weeks shy of her one year anniversary at CrossFit Epping. She is also one attendance shy of her 100th class. That’s right, we counted. Think about it. That’s 100 hours in the last year that Nancy has consistently devoted to her fitness at CFE alone. Pretty damn impressive right?

Now take into consideration that within those 100 hours she has pushed herself to get better every day. Showing up is one thing. But showing up, working hard and being proud of your effort has a whole other outcome and Nancy does all those things and more. She’s very coachable and a genuine pleasure to have in class. Read on to hear a little bit from Nancy herself!

What do you do outside of CrossFit?
My husband and I like to go hiking a lot, and I also attend a yoga class once a week. 

What did you do for fitness before CFE?
I attended Southside Fitness in Dover.

What made you chose CFE?
We moved to Fremont and I wanted to keep active and attend a class environment.

Advice to someone who is hesitant to try CrossFit?
Don’t think that Crossfit is only for the young Olympian athletes.  The coaches are fantastic and they adjust the workouts to your level. Everyone is so supportive!

Proudest achievement?
Keeping active and going to exercise classes.

Greatest challenge?
Trying to accept the fact that I’m getting old.

Goals moving forward in life, at the gym?
I want to be able to increase my mobility and strength.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Favorite quote?
From my Grandmother, she would always say you have to “Move it or lose it” as she walked the hallways in her apartment building and she lived to be 92.

Favorite Movie?
Love Actually (during Christmas)

You’re stuck in a Karaoke Bar and can’t leave till you sing a song, what song is it?
“We got to get out of this place”

What’s a fun fact about you that we should know about you?
I use to do pottery which I really enjoyed.