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September Athlete of the Month – Betsy Flynn

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Betsy is a firecracker, there’s no two ways about it. She burst through our doors going 100mph last April and has only pushed the pedal since joining. Betsy is here 5-6 days a week, a few hours at time. But it’s not the number of attendances or volume of work alone that make Betsy so special. What makes Betsy special is how she spends her time while she’s here. She’s always looking to learn more, do things the right way and never take anything too seriously.

Although she tags herself as a “stubborn bitch”, we like to think that she’s driven, tenacious and downright badass. Congrats Betsy and thanks for sharing your experience!

Profession:  Former Healthcare Consultant

Athletic Background/previous fitness training: No athletic background.  Started my fitness journey about 12 years ago as a spin fanatic. Then I discovered personal training and Boot Camps and was addicted.

What is CrossFit to you:  One of my happy places.  A place to challenge myself to get fitter every day, inspired by strong, focused, mentally tough people and supported by excellent coaches.  Love that WODIFY tracks performance and progress.

Why CFE?  Heard that you had the best coaches and excellent and varied programming. Impressed from the first day with the emphasis on proper form.

What inspires/motivates you to continue: Motivated by my “inner stubborn bitch”.  And then there’s that “age” thing…

Advice to someone hesitant to try CrossFit:  Don’t be intimidated by the videos.  Just try it!  Everything can be scaled and the coaching is phenomenal.  You will be surrounded by strong, focused people who will help you to meet your goals.

Proudest achievement:  Putting a Master Hunter title on Dylan, my Golden

Greatest Challenge/Weakness:  Most barbell work since my previous training used dumbbells and kettlebells.

Goals:  Continue to gain lean mass, master the barbell moves, do pushups from the floor, and strict pull ups.
Outside the gym I want to continue to enjoy not being in the fast 



Favorite movement/if you could design one workout:  I really like pretty much everything, except snatches.  Love deadlifts, 400/800m runs, the ski erg, and burpees with box jumps or over bar.

Special interests:  Anything with Golden Retrievers (especially field work), reading, and trying to eat cleanly.

Anything you’d like to add?  A HUGE thank you to all the CFE coaches and members who have been so helpful and supportive.