All new-to-CrossFit athletes start here! After completing your free trial session you'll then be enrolled in CFE's Fundamentals course consisting of one 90 minute session. During your Fundamentals class we'll coach you through all the basics and learn the common CrossFit movements, methods and scaling options in a small group setting with highly attentive coaching. We'll also address any modifications needed and provide you with your unique path forward to crush your goals. You'll graduate Fundamentals feeling comfortable and ready to tackle the group classes head on!


Coach-led group CrossFit combines weightlifting, body weight movements and traditional cardio based on the prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity”. For this class, you could be working on a wide variety of movements and workout structures of varying intensities. Every class is guided from start to finish by a coach who'll tailor the workout to each individual athlete with a laser focus on proper mechanics first and intensity second ensuring all athletes are able to participate together and are also challenged to their greatest ability.


This bodybuilding program is designed specifically to help you sculpt and define your physique. Whether you’re looking to improve your CrossFit performance or simply want to take your physique to the next level, Gladiator Physique will accomplish that with five weekly workouts designed to be completed in conjunction with your CrossFit Epping class workouts.


The importance of a strong aerobic engine in CrossFit should not be understated. Aerobic Advantage provides three weekly workouts designed to increase your overall aerobic capacity; one running, one rowing and one Echo bike workout. Whether you’re looking to improve your aerobic base for better performance in your CrossFit classes or to enjoy solely cardio based workouts this program will keep your engine running.


Weightlifting is an important component of CrossFit and takes time to perfect. Whether you're new to the sport of weightlifting or are a seasoned veteran, our weightlifting program, Olympic Edge, will help you master the Snatch and Clean & Jerk with two weekly workouts. The program is designed to complement your CrossFit Epping class workouts, giving you the edge to lift heavier, move with power and perform better in your daily workouts.


The Food Lab is CFE's nutritional coaching program to help fuel your body for optimal performance, recovery, and overall health. Our coaches will create personalized macros tailored to your unique needs, goals and tastes whether it be to lose fat, gain muscle or just feel better in your own skin. They will also help guide you along the way to ensure you're staying on track, make necessary adjustments and test body composition with our InBody 570. The Food Lab is the perfect complement to the hard work you put in the gym and will help to develop sustainable habits to support your long-term success.