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Our Team is Growing!

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On the heels of adding coaches Adam, Frankie, Mike and Eric, we’re happy to announce the team of coaches is growing by two more! Over the coming weeks you’ll see Kari and Kevin shadowing your classes as they complete our coaches’ training program.

We’re more than excited to have these two on board with us as we know they’ll continue to provide you the top-tier coaching you’ve come to expect.

Kevin is sure to bring an energy and wit to your classes. There’s no challenge that he won’t attack with everything he’s got. In fact he performs his best when a workout is the worst. With a military background and a history in completing long endurance events, Kev will be sure to keep you motivated and moving right with his encouragement and sense of humor.

Kari is a technician. She has an appreciation for all things CrossFit and will certainly help you to improve from her years of experience. Aside from already being super fit, Kari is constantly seeking new ways to improve and get better. You can expect her to do the same for you!

Welcome to the team guys!