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October Athlete of the Month – Sarah St.Laurent

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Sarah is a relative newcomer to CFE but you wouldn’t know it if we didn’t tell you. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her effort is nothing short of 100% every day. Sarah has found a balance between work, family and fitness where all can succeed and none are cut short. By prioritizing her fitness she’s been able to make such tremendous progress in just 3 short months at CFE. The entire team of coaches would like to nominate Sarah as October’s Athlete of the Month. Congrats, Sarah and thanks for sharing!

Profession: Co-owner of Bella Vintage Salon and Spa

Athletic Background: I come from a background of gymnastics, competitive cheer, and softball.

What is CrossFit to you? Crossfit to me is an amazing way to get fit,
and a great way to feel like part of a “team”. It’s a great way to socialize, not being at work, and a great Escape from being a mom 24-7…if you know what I mean. It’s a way for me to unlease, unwind, and feel good about myself.

Why CFE? I picked CFE because my friend Melanie recommend it to me, and it was close to home, and once I tried the first class, I was hooked. The coaches and people are awesome and make you feel like one of the crew.

What inspires/ motivates you to continue? What inspires me to continue is a long story, but let’s just say I have been through a lot, surgery wise that will give me complications long before my time, and I want to keep my body and mind healthy, and strong to help prolong those things from happening!

Advice for someone hesitant to try CrossFit: My advice. Just try it. You may think it’s something you couldn’t ever do, but you’d be amazed at what you can do when you just try.

Proudest achievement: So far in the 3 months I’ve been doing this, my proudest achievement is the fact that I am able to run more with out stopping, which I couldn’t do at all, and the fact that I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined in the first place!

Greatest challenge/ weakness: Greatest challenge for sure, running, and push ups!

Goals (inside + outside the gym): Goals for me inside the gym, definitely pull ups….and just keep gaining strength! Outside, keep my eating on point 7 days a week, not slack on the weekend.
Favorite movement/ if you could design one workout: Handstands, anything to do with lifting, and I want to roe climb, bc I haven’t gotten to yet 🙂