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January Member of the Month- Toby McIntire

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Meet Toby. She’s pretty tough. As in “she crushes any challenge in front of her” tough.  We’ve been lucky to work with her for the last 9 months and we’re looking forward to many more. The CFE coaches are collectively impressed with her engine, tenacity and non-stop ability to “GO”. More than anything, however, Toby brings a certain energy to any class she attends. Always laughing, always joking, always cheering others on. If you haven’t met her yet you’re missing out. Way to go, Toby and thanks for sharing!
1. Profession – Strategic Account Executive for Counsyl, a DNA testing company
2. Athletic Background/ previous fitness training – Soccer, basketball and lacrosse in high school.  Played college basketball at McDaniel College then entered the Army for 6 years
3. What is CrossFit to you? Best hour of my day.  After getting out of the military I struggled to find something that I could stick to.  I like running, so I did a marathon shortly after getting out, it will be my first, last and only.  After doing a few CF classes w/ good friends back in Baltimore and seeing where their level of fitness was compared to mine, I knew I needed to give it a try!  
4. Why CFE? I have moved around quite a bit due to job transfers over the last 4 years and have been to a few different gyms.  CFE is a special place.  From the community, to the details of each WOD there is a feeling of security and belief in the members that each coach provides.  I have set more PRs in the months I have been at CFE versus the entire time I have been doing CF.
5. What inspires/motivates you to continue? It’s kinda like how I feel about golf.  If I have a terrible round, I go back in hopes to have a better round.  If I have a great round of golf I want to duplicate it.  CF provides the same feeling.  If I have an awful performance or less than what I had hoped for, I go back to improve.  If I set a PR, I go back to do better the next time.
6. Advice for someone hesitant to try CrossFit – Jump In, everything is scalable!  There is nothing to be intimidated about.  On average, most people are scaling something at some point.  Also, in a very short time you will be doing things you never thought you could, and that’s an awesome feeling. 
7. Proudest achievement – getting my DUs! 
8. Greatest challenge/weakness – overhead ANYTHING, even if it is upside down for HSPU!
9. Goals (Inside + outside the gym) – to not look let this be the reality after the 6 wk challenge:
Outside the gym – learn how to surf this summer!
10. Favorite movement/ if you could design one workout – Laying knee to elbows, oh wait, I thought it was least favorite.  Anything w/ wall balls, thrusters or running. 
11. Special interests – any type of fishing, golf and laughing 

12. Anything you’d like to add?  Prior to CFE I went to the gym if it fit my schedule.  Now I make my schedule fit around making it to CFE.  No matter how I am feeling or what I have going on I tell myself “just show up.”  I always feel better.  I broke my hand in June and it didn’t take long of not going to CF that I started to feel bad all around.  Tobey reached out to me to see where I had been and I let him know about my hand.  He immediately said “just come in.”  For 6 weeks every coach helped me make some crazy modification to the WOD to help me get a work out in.  Leslie and Shannon even offered to do double dutch w/ me to substitute DUs (luckily Sean put a stop to that idea)!  This place is special and truly a community!