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February Member of the Month- Teddy Lilakos

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Just about a year ago Teddy dropped into CFE with his sister (and fellow CrossFit coach), Suzie. She put him through one hell of a workout. A workout so tough we didn’t think we’d ever see him again. But that’s because we didn’t know Teddy and how mentally tough he is. No matter the obstacle in front of him, Teddy will attack it at 100mph with everything he’s got. Teddy’s ability to push himself to the limits is what has made him more fit, but it’s his non-stop smiling and unrelenting positivity that has made him a huge part of the CFE community. Congrats, Teddy and thanks for sharing!
1. Profession- Chef at The Airfield Cafe
2. Athletic Background/ previous fitness training- No previous fitness training besides some home workouts, pick up basketball and other recreational sports
3. What is CrossFit to you? Crossfit is now a daily routine/way of life.  It is more than just coming to the gym crossfit is now my diet and every decision made is decided on how it affects my gym schedule.
4. Why CFE? Why CFE you ask? There are so many reasons why CFE! the great people at the gym, the amazing trainers, and all the fun workouts are a few reasons I chose CFE.
5. What inspires/motivates you to continue? My biggest motivation to continue is the way crossfit makes me feel physically and mentally. It makes me feel better than I ever have in my life and I never want it to end.
6. Advice for someone hesitant to try CrossFit- Just like everything in life don’t knock it till you try it. 
7. Proudest achievement- Proudest achievement has to be hitting 300 lb deadlift.  I honestly never thought I would be lifting that much weight and am incredibly proud how fast I got their! crossfit changed everything 
8. Greatest challenge/weakness- Biggest weakness is anything overhead just have bad flexibility and is my weakest lift
9.  Goals (Inside + outside the gym)- My biggest goal is to just keep up the consistency getting in the gym I have never been as consistent in my life and never plan to stop.