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June Athlete of the Month – Pattie MacIsaac

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Meet Pattie. She’s just a few months shy of her one year anniversary with us at CrossFit Epping. We love being able to work with her inside the gym so that she’s more than prepared on the job while serving the public as a firefighter and paramedic. 

Just like many others, Pattie was reluctant at first to try CrossFit. Which makes things even more exciting for us as coaches to see her really take hold of her training. She’s always laughing, joking and having a good time during class. But don’t be fooled by her quirky sense of humor, when it comes to goal setting she’s driven and determined to scratch accomplishments off her list. Congrats, Pattie and thanks for sharing!

Profession: Firefighter/Paramedic ?

Athletic Background/ previous fitness training: I played soccer, XC and ski raced in high school. I would also say I was a professional aimless wanderer at planet fitness for three years.

What is CrossFit to you? CrossFit has been way more than just a “box” for me. I noticed that I was taking a lot of my work home with me in a negative way. After starting at CFE I was able to go to classes after my shift ended and be so focused on the workout that work would just escape my mind. Honestly, it has worked wonders.

Why CFE? CFE because my friend Jen Clark forced me against my will to try CrossFit and I thank her everyday for it.

What inspires/motivates you to continue? I’m a very competitive person so everytime I hit a CrossFit milestone like double unders or T2B it makes me so excited. Each time I hit one, it only makes me eager to hit more and perfect the ones I’ve hit. 

Advice for someone hesitant to try CrossFit: Be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that CrossFit is something you can’t do, if I can do It, ANYONE can. Also always track your reps so you don’t do an extra 50 squats here and there.

Proudest achievement: In the middle of a workout one day, I was able to successfully do a proper clean. Shannon witnessed it and made some weird sound in excitement. I felt so accomplished because cleans are my absolute rival and it took me MONTHS to “get” the form. 

Greatest challenge/weakness: …. cleans ?

Goals (Inside + outside the gym): Finishing the Spartan Trifecta this year! 

Favorite movement/ if you could design one workout: My favorite movement is anything that is NOT a clean..or a wall ball ?.