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Fitness By The Numbers

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At CFE we love numbers. Which is ironic since in the middle of a tough workout I struggle counting past ten with my shoes on… That said, we use data and numbers to track improvement in performance. We score every workout so that if and when our athletes repeat it in the future and they’re able to complete it faster, heavier, with more rounds & reps etc, chances are what they’re seeing on paper is a measurable improvement in their fitness.

But we can also look at how performance improves outside the gym. Often we have athletes who substitute their run-specific training for CrossFit classes and still shave minutes off their annual Turkey Trot time. One of the greatest examples of this comes from our coach and team member, Steve.

Steve is an avid obstacle course racer. He’s tackled dozens of OCR’s over the years both solo and with his kids and family. Most recently he conquered the Spartan Ultra 50k for the second time. Once in 2018 and the second a few months ago in which he improved his time by over two and a half hours! On top of the incredible improvement on his time, almost as important was the improvement in his recovery afterwards. All that differed in his preparation between the two races was a decrease in Spartan-specific training and an increase in CrossFit. 

Check out what Steve has to say about his experience and to see how the numbers don’t lie!

We make a choice to devote part of our day to fitness and self-improvement. There are numerous methods and disciplines of fitness regiments available to us all. And with TIME being so precious, it’s critical to make an informed decision about where to commit that time (and energy).

CFE’s philosophy, programming, and resources have proven to be an extremely effective and efficient use for my time and energy. As proof, I’d like to offer a side by side comparison of two like events that I’ve completed. The first event in 2018 BEFORE joining CFE, and the second just a few weeks ago AFTER being an active member of CFE for a little over 3 years.

A few of the takeaways I’ve gathered comparing one experience to other. Following the programming provided through CFE, I was able to have a better outcome, with less time spent training, and feeling physically and mentally better throughout and after the event. While the NJ course lacked some of the elevation of the VT course, the NJ course was a mile longer, I was 4 years older, and I was competing on an arthritic knee. I can only conclude that the effectiveness of our CFE training program was to thank for all of this.