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August Athlete of the Month – Kari Laquer

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Meet Kari. She’s awesome. Kari came to CFE already super fit. We’ve had the privilege of working with her for the last few months and in that short time she’s already made tremendous progress in her fitness.

That’s because Kari prioritizes her fitness. It’s important to her. Finding the time to workout isn’t easy when balancing all that life demands. So if that means she has to come in hot on two wheels to make class on time she does it.*

And when she gets here she gives it her all. Kari is a student of the game. Constantly learning new ways to improve on her already great technique in order to move a little more weight, or be more efficient in a metcon. Her willingness to learn more, ability to push herself, and her support of fellow athletes are why the entire coaching staff would like to nominate her as August’s Athlete of the Month. Congrats Kari and thanks for sharing!

Profession: Stay-At-Home Mom; previously employed in vaccine research

Athletic Background/ previous fitness training: Competitive swimming and soccer. Played college soccer and dabbled in some triathlon training and long distance running.
What is CrossFit to you? When I started Crossfit, for the first time in my adult life, I stopped worrying about how exercise was going to make me look and started thinking about performing my best. It was liberating. Crossfit measures my hard work, shows me when I’ve improved, and points out where I’m weak.  It’s extremely gratifying/motivating and I get to hang out with quality peeps over the age of 6 while I do it.
Why CFE? I followed my husband, Matt Laquer, and a few other friends to CFE from another gym that I’d been at for 3 years. I saw a difference QUICKLY. Programming, coaching cues, open gym, the atmosphere set by the members- it was definitely the next step for me in getting better. I set a 40# deadlift and a 20# squat snatch PR in the first month solely because Sean and Tobey made me believe I could. I’d always had that strength but never the support or cues before. Positive coaching and positive competition matter- you’ll find them both at CFE.
What inspires/motivates you to continue? The feeling I get after I’ve put my whole effort into a workout. Getting after my weaknesses. Seeing the amazing feats of CFEr’s and hoping they might be possible for me too!
Advice for someone hesitant to try CrossFit: Everyone has to scale something. Don’t be intimidated. Focus on what you can do, and before you know it, you’ll be doing things you didn’t think you could.
Proudest achievement: My family! My taking time to come to the gym definitely affects their lives and schedules.  I am so lucky to have them and their support. 
Greatest challenge/weakness: Chocolate and pushups
Goals (Inside + outside the gym):
Inside- String together 7+ kipping C2B, T2B, HSPU; sub 3min Grace; muscle up before Open’18
Outside- Go to bed earlier
Favorite movement/ if you could design one workout: OHS, wall balls, hang cleans, pull-ups with burpees between each. Definitely rounds for time or a ladder. AMRAPs kill me!
Special interests: Watching MLS soccer/driving Matt crazy with my commentary. I’m a Real Salt Lake fan…It’s random. I know.


*Please drive responsibly