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April Member of the Month – Todd Hathaway

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After a tough workout that puts you on the ground, Todd is the first person walking around giving out high fives. Beyond being super fit, he’s also one of the most supportive members at CFE. He gets genuinely excited at other’s performance and still finds time to consistently improve his own. Todd keeps his competitive juices flowing at CFE and his mental toughness is on point. But he never takes himself too seriously, he’ll be the first to swing by with a post workout sixer for the group. Congrats Todd and thanks for sharing!

Attorney, Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, Manchester, NH

Athletic Background/ previous fitness training: High school team sports (soccer, basketball, baseball), college and men’s club rugby for over 25 years, skiing, riding bikes

What is CrossFit to you? Probably the highest scoring activity on the combined “fun/time commitment/exercise/cost” matrix.

Why CFE? Location, but even with the opportunity to try others closer to work, the people, the space and the equipment keep me here. 

What inspires/motivates you to continue? The positive translation to other activities I enjoy, avoiding the grumpy feeling that comes from missing a fun-looking workout, Katherine Cooper’s whiteboard entries. Also, having a front row seat to see some amazing athletes doing unbelievable things and, even better, to see people who are still progressing do something they didn’t think was possible.

Advice for someone hesitant to try CrossFit: It’s true that anyone can enjoy CrossFit, but for those looking for a “next thing” after competitive team sports, you’ll really love it. Great coaching, practice of individual skills, strategy and planning, a clock, a scoreboard, high fives (actually, mostly fist bumps, but I’m working on that) and trash talk, an opportunity to breakdown what went right and wrong and improve for the next “game” (which changes every day).

Proudest achievement: Sticking with it after the On Ramp . . . it was (and still is) humbling.

Greatest challenge/weakness: Swinging a piece of stupid cord twice under the feet while jumping once. 

Goals (Inside + outside the gym): 2018 Open Rx

Favorite movement/ if you could design one workout: A long slog with several different body-weight movements; something like an AMRAP 30 of 10 jumping squats, 10 jumping lunges, 10 box jumps, 10 shuttles, 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 10 cal row

Special interests: Epping Conservation Commission, Southeast Land Trust, High Fives Foundation, these guys (see attached photo if it fits)

Anything you’d like to add? I hereby renounce my years of poo-pooing and excuse-making about avoiding CrossFit; I regret not starting sooner. Thank you very much to the CFE members and coaches!