Nutrition Accountability Coaching

Proper nutrition is the crucial component in making progress towards your body composition and performance goals. That said, it is an often over-looked and neglected component to overall fitness. Whether your goals are to lose weight, increase muscle or improve performance, the truth is that you can’t out-train a poor diet. 

That’s why we developed CFE’s Nutrition Accountability Coaching program. So that we can help guide, educate and add accountability to your eating, sleeping and exercise habits. It is our mission to create sustainable, healthy and long-term eating habits that will have you looking, feeling and performing your best. Habits that will have you consuming whole foods in the correct amounts without the need for restrictive dieting methods.

Included With the Program:

  • Detailed Consultation, Goal Setting and Baseline Measurements
  • Unlimited Nutrition Accountability Coaching for Your Specific Goals
  • Monthly InBody Body Composition Scans (link to InBody page on our site)
  • Meal Planning Guidance
  • Nutrition Journal Review
  • In Person Check-ins

‘Sound nutrition, obtained from a high-quality diet in optimal quantities—as determined by the individual—provides the necessary foundation for continued progress and maximum adaptations from the program’ - CrossFit HQ. In other words, nutrition is essential to your health and performance. But if you were to be truly honest with yourself, how's your diet? Fill out the form to schedule your consultation and begin matching your hard work inside the gym with your daily habits outside of CFE! 

- Team Epping

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