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5 Ways to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

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Your health and fitness needs extend far beyond the walls of the gym. Reach your goals and improve your wellness with these 5 simple tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

1: Clean Up Your Diet

Your diet should not be something short term. It is the way you habitually eat. Plan on doing this the rest of your life! It needs to be something you can live with as well as produce the results you hope to achieve.

Here are some tips to help keep your diet on course:

– Don’t skip breakfast. It’s your first opportunity to fuel the body with proper nutrition and kick start your metabolism.
– Eat the majority of your carbohydrates for the day post-work. You are working out right?
– Cut out the late night snacking. It always seems to be sweets or fast food, and leads to overeating.
– Remove the poor diet choices from your household. If they aren’t there, you won’t be tempted!
– Drink water when you’re thirsty. This should be your main source for hydration. There’s no need to overdo it with consumption.
– Have cheat meals in moderation. It’s nearly impossible to eat perfect 100 percent of the time. Try to save them for special occasions.

2: Schedule Your Workout, Don’t Fit It In

The benefits of exercising are practically endless. Many ailments people encounter in life can be healed or prevented by creating a regular workout schedule. Exercise is time invested in yourself for long term satisfaction and health.

There are however some side effects to consider:
– Boosted energy
– Improved mood & reduction of stress
– Weight control
– Lower blood pressure & prevention of numerous other health conditions
– Muscle strengthening and definition
– In some severe cases you may even receive compliments!

3: Sleep 7-9 Hours

Many of us have busy lives and are always on the go. Adequate sleep is vital for us to function properly. If you can’t get a straight 7 hours during the night schedule a nap to recoup the missed time.

What happens when you get adequate sleep?
– Strengthened immune system
– Restored energy levels
– Improved training recovery time
– Muscular repair
– Improved brain function
– Improved mood

4: Surround Yourself With the Right People

Surround yourself with people who share the same attitude, fitness, and health goals. People who will always be willing to help and encourage you to make the right decisions, and bring up your spirit on days you lack motivation. Be ready to return the favor, because some days they will need you too. Most importantly, a group of people you can have fun with. I believe you can find this in a fitness community.
Qualities of a strong fitness community:
– Strong support base
– Shared positive outlook, attitude & fitness goals
– Encouraging & Motivating
– Accountability
– Fun!

5: Remove the End Date

Setting goals are important. Goals keep you focused and on track. But, don’t forget the big picture. Long term health and wellness while enjoying the process. Your fitness lifestyle shouldn’t have an end date, like when the summer clothes go away for the winter or your yearly vacation to the beach has passed. Instead, make it part of your routine, an essential part of your life. It is never too late to make a change in our health and fitness level.

Tobey McLaren
Head Coach/Owner
CrossFit Epping